Branching Genome

Mixed media.

Exhibited at Pattern Recognition, Little Bird Place, Sofia Bulgaria.

Pattern Recognition invites us into an environment of the deep future to observe the interplay between human intervention, other-than-human agency, and networked industrial artefacts. In a parallel landscape populated by tentacular matter, we are nudged to acknowledge the agency of the inanimate and our state of displacement at a time of emergency.

The exhibition suggests a return to the fluid, as the deep freeze melts and forgets, cells disintegrate and contaminate; the thingness of systems breaks apart, folds over and reassembles into ambiguous formations. Established patterns mapped out in solids of the past are no longer. Novel liquid forms of knowing come to the fore and slip past human understanding.

The adaptive mutation of organisms entangles its tentacles with the automated network. What do we know to recognise and trust about a machine’s awareness? As the space where the latter produces meaning remains illegible to our perception, we are left dependent on a certain unknowability. Computed speculation constitutes an alienness which may feel like primary intelligence to us.

The series of artworks are composited from everyday found objects, hazardous material, natural elements, software interventions, algorithmic archives. We catch these assemblages exposed in a state of transformation towards a hybrid state of being. Nature and culture collide in a patchwork of living and synthetic bodies where models of the world and reality become one. Meaningful connections between unrelated things are formed - but for whom to read and for what purpose?

‘Branching genome’
Inkjet print, aluminium, silicone, rubber elastic band, aluminium wire, nut, machine learning software

‘5. Organic & Semi-Organic Microscopic Particles & Cellular Structures’

Cyanotype print, resin, aluminium, bark, nails, aluminium wire, nut, machine learning software

‘A mutant problem caused by someone else’
Car spare part, resin, plaster, orchid branch, rubber elastic band

‘A seed has not made it to adulthood’
Car spare part, resin, bark, plaster, rubber elastic band, copper wire

‘Losing one in a million light’
Branch, steel, aluminium mesh, resin, glass, nails, rubber elastic band

A Roche 454 (acetonitrile/HClO 4 , v/v) 81 nanometers
Digital print, adhesive folio, machine learning
Limited series (edition of 10)